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Muto still mulling over Chelsea move

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Yoshinori Muto is perhaps the only transfer rumour in Chelsea's history that's ever started because of a tyre company, but said transfer is rumbling along now and Muto's still mulling over whether or not whether to make the move to London. His development, as it should be, is paramount:

I want to think about [my destination] carefully. Where can I go to develop? A team that suits me, where I can play and develop. I'm thinking about that, and for now I just want to take my time and think it through.

-Source: Mail.

That could be taken a bit like 'I don't really fancy going to Chelsea, someone please save me', which would be fair enough. The Blues' system of developing young talent right now looks something akin to ...

Step 1: Acquire young player
Step 2: Loan them out a lot, mostly to Vitesse
Step 3: Sell them

... and that's not everybody's cup of tea, especially since it so rarely leads to a significant Blues career. But having doubts about it now strikes me as a potential sign that things wouldn't work out for him here. I'm not in Muto's head, so I can't say how worried he is about being buried at Chelsea, but if he's afraid of the competition it'd probably be in both parties' best interests to pass.

This is of course not to say that that's what's happening here. An alternative and perhaps more plausible explanation is that he's just being thoughtful and doing his due diligence before making a decision, good for him for taking his career so seriously. We'll see how it pans out either way.

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