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Report: Chelsea to start Cech bidding at £10m, won't sell to other Premier League sides

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Our favorite The Sun journalist / professional Twitter troll is at again, so take these tweets for whatever you think they may be worth.

Whether you believe the specifics or not, chances are that Petr Čech will be leaving us this summer.  It's something we've known since he was persuaded to stay on last summer, and once the season's over and we no longer have to worry about keeping things professional, I'm sure we'll have to face up to the facts.

But here's another fact.  Petr Čech will be 33.  The market for goalkeepers is simply not one to allow for transfer fees too far north of £10m, regardless of age, but especially at that age.  It would be an amazing coup for the front office to work out a deal for anywhere near the region of the fees paid for the much younger Manuel Neuer (£19m) or David De Gea (£18m).  If this Wikipedia page is to be believed, anything more than £10m would make Cech one of the six most expensive goalkeepers ever.  We all love the big man of course, and he might still be in the discussion of the best goalkeepers in the world, but we might have to readjust our expectations as far as transfer fees received.

Oh, PSG might be involved?  Better make it £20m!

Additional reports from yesterday claim that Roberto Mancini, nowadays back at struggling Inter Milan, might be interested especially if Samir Handanovič leaves this summer as many expect.

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