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Juventus determined to keep Pogba, even in the face of €70-80m bids

So you're saying we wouldn't even have to break the world transfer record to buy him?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Extra extra, read all about it!  The latest issue of The Daily Pogba is hot off the presses.  (Not really, these quotes are almost 24 hours old.)

"There are clubs that are ready to spend 70 to 80 million euros for Pogba."

"There are many suitors for Pogba, but we do not want to open negotiations and we want him to stay with us.  If we want to increase our level, we need players of great quality and Pogba is one of them."

-Guiseppe Marotta, Juventus director; source: PFA

The way forward is clear then, we must bid €80,000,001!  And with the Euro crashing faster than Cesc Fàbregas's form since November, that's only about £50-60m.  We'd have "war chest" money left over aplenty!

Of course Marotta ain't no fool and he will fight tooth and nail to keep the 22-year-old midfield prodigy.  His team have dominated the Italian league the last few years with one of the best midfields in all of Europe, and he will look to leverage that into continued continental success as well.  But at the end of the day, money always talks.

If we want Paul Pogba -- and as far as I'm concerned, we should; I'd much rather Chelsea buy one Pogba than two or three Douglas Costas -- then it's time to put all those Yokohama and Premier League TV-deal moneys to use and make Juventus an offer they can't refuse.

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