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Pogba agent continues to fuel transfer speculation

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

If you thought the chase for Eden Hazard was obnoxious, you haven't seen anything yet. While Juventus might like to think they can keep young Paul Pogba around for the long haul, his agent is saying otherwise. Heeeee're Mino Riaola:

He wants to make his mark on football history and he is already doing that. Not a single player at the age of 21 has shown the world what he can do: lead a team in the palm of his hand. Pogba, he has done it already. His future? He could join any team.

If the right time comes this summer, then it will happen. If it is not the right time, he could stay for another year or two. He will beat the transfer record. If there is one Mona Lisa in the world, and she is for sale, it will be a record price.

-Source: Telefoot via Mail.

There are, according to Raiola, six teams interested in picking up Pogba, and he's hinted in the past that that list includes Chelsea, whom I'm sure would welcome the arrival of probably the best young midfielder in the sport at present as well as the opportunity to really stick it to Manchester United. That said, I can't see us breaking the European transfer record when our competition is Real Madrid and friends -- we're rich, but we're not completely insane, and FFP is a real consideration.

My guess is that we're in for at least another 18 months of Pogba speculation, and while there's almost certainly genuine interest in acquiring him from Chelsea's end, at the prices Raiola is talking about we're probably only going to be a foil for the real action.

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