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Salah: 'I don’t intend to return to Chelsea'

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Spare a thought for poor Mohamed Salah. Few ostensibly senior Chelsea players can have left the club with so little fanfare, but the departure of André Schürrle and the arrival of Juan Cuadrado completely overshadowed his loan move to Fiorentina. And, from what Salah himself has been saying, there's not much likelihood that he'll be coming back:

At the moment I don’t intend to return to Chelsea. I want to do well with Fiorentina. I spoke with [Chelsea manager Jose] Mourinho and told him I wanted to leave Chelsea and he was fine. The Italian League is of a high standard, I think that those [such as Cuadrado] do it simply to broaden their horizons and have new experiences.

Source: GetWestLondon.

I'm not sure anyone will miss him much. Apart from lighting speed, a good attitude and the fact that he couldn't score annoying goals against us from our own bench, he simply didn't offer the club very much, and he singularly failed to change as a player despite the attentions of some of the best coaches in the game. Although, as Jose Mourinho will tell you, he's still our player, this feels very much like a goodbye.

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