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Mourinho suggests Chelsea will remain in sell-to-buy mode despite new sponsorship

Ian Walton/Getty Images

With Chelsea signing a new and extraordinarily lucrative sponsorship with Yokohama Rubber, one might be forgiven for thinking that the Blues are about to go on another crazy spending spree. After all, the improvement on our previous deal with Samsung is more per year than we ended up paying for Fernando Torres, the biggest transfer in club history, and with more TV money arriving soon as well there's a lot of cash in the war chest.

But Jose Mourinho is here to throw some cold water on our parade.

It’s a fantastic deal but it’s not a deal that is going to change forever Chelsea’s way of thinking. We always try to be balanced in everything we do. I think the next market will be a similar market to the last one, where Chelsea, to make some investment, will also try to make some money.


It's probably worth noting that one of Mourinho's primary functions is to lie about what Chelsea will be doing in the transfer window, so it's not at all clear that we can take him seriously, but if he's telling the truth we will unfortunately not be securing Lionel Messi this summer. I know everyone was hopeful.

Perhaps a more interesting line of thinking is who Chelsea might sell if they really do continue in the vein of the last three transfer windows. We're running low on players Mourinho's not fond of that could bring in significant money, so who does he have in mind?

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