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Reus chase ends with whimper, not bang

Michael Kienzler/Getty Images

When it came to replacing André Schürrle this winter, only two potentially-available options seemed like they were of Chelsea calibre. As we all know (if not ... uh ... surprise!), the Blues ended up with Colombia star Juan Cuadrado, who made his debut against Aston Villa last weekend. But why was there never any talk of Marco Reus, who looked as though he was on his way out at Borussia Dortmund?

Now we have our answer:

I'm not entirely sure why Reus has signed a new deal with Dortmund virtually falling off the Bundesliga table -- without a release clause his ability to demand stratospheric wages when he does move is crippled -- but frankly I only care about Reus in the context of him possibly coming to Chelsea, and I'm choosing to interpret this as him being SO SAD at the Cuadrado move that he slunk off back home and signed a contract extension. Sorry, Marco. Them's the breaks.

At any rate, the fact that a new deal was coming neatly explains the complete lack of rumours connecting Reus to Chelsea this winter. Mystery solved!

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