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Mourinho won't ask Chelsea board for January overhaul

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Chelsea have started the 2015/16 season terribly, and because of that start, most expect a major overhaul during the January window. Regardless, Blues' manager Jose Mourinho isn't planning to ask the board for major changes during the season, or at least that's what he's telling the media:

It's not unlike Mourinho to say stuff like this to give his players a vote of confidence in public, but I'd be truly surprised if he's really happy with the squad, given that he reportedly pushed hard for several major additions during the summer, before the rotten start.

That said, players such as Paul Pogba and John Stones are unlikely to be transferred during the middle of the season, so maybe Jose is willing to sit back and wait for his preferred targets, instead of simply snapping up whatever is available in January. I suppose we'll have to wait and see, but the window is approaching quickly.

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