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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors: Edinson Cavani incoming from PSG, Oscar leaving for Juventus

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The rumor mill started off the new week with a couple heavy hitters.  Unfortunately, they were both re-runs of seasons past, or in Edinson Cavani's case, several seasons past.

Every time I see Cavani's name linked with Chelsea, I get reminded of the summer of 2013.  Simpler times.  The Interim One was gone, The Special One was on his way home, his aura untainted by results worse than anything seen in the last few decades at the Stamford Bridge.  Gloriously coiffed Edinson was leaving Napoli and Europe's biggest and best and brightest were lining up with their checkbooks.  We were lead to believe Chelsea were in that line, too, but as it turned out, we were not.

Cavani ended up at Paris Saint-Germain, where he's continued his goalscoring exploits — last season he breached the 30-goal summit for the fourth time in five seasons — despite having to toil in the rather sizable shadow (and that's just the one cast by his ego) Zlatan Ibrahimović.  With The Zlatan's powers slowly waning, it's rather unlikely that PSG would want to cash-in on Cavani, but just in case they do, we can point back to Le10 Sport as finally having gotten one rumor right.  (Of course, if the other far-fetched rumors of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho going to PSG are true, then it might make a bit more sense.  But, this isn't FIFA.)

In other, more recent rumor re-runs, Oscar has once again been linked with Juventus, with the one caveat that the Serie A defending champions might not be able to afford Chelsea's asking price, especially after they spend €20m+ on Juan Cuadrado.  I'm no expert in these matters, but if Oscar's truly to leave us (unlikely, even as bad as our season's going at the moment), I say we package him and Cuadrado up in a neat bow and deliver them in exchange for a certain ... yeah, you know who ... Paul Pogba (and if that swap story sounds familiar, then that's because it's been floating around since at least the summer).

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