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Fiorentina confirm Cuadrado departure

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina manager Vincenzo Montella has just confirmed the departure of Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado, announcing in a press conference that the 26-year-old has departed the club. In lieu of a better translation, here's Google's attempt at Montella's update on the Cuadrado situation:

I want to be honest: it was a situation that had to be done, as a coach I'm sorry because technically worth that much. The company has made ​​the right choice, get a great player like Salah of which we understand time to adapt.

Source: Di Marzio.

That's a mess syntactically, but the point is clear: Cuadrado is leaving Florence for Chelsea with Mohamed Salah coming back in, presumably on loan. Salah's inclusion as a makeweight, which has been rumoured for a couple of days, should mean that the Blues are paying somewhat less than then full €35 million (£26 million) release fee, a positive for our finances.

Obviously we're still waiting for official confirmation from Chelsea, but this seems as done as you'll ever see.

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