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Kramaric: I chose Leicester over Chelsea because of playing time

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The loan system isn't quite as enticing to young players as the prospect of getting immediate game time with the first team, and that's what cost Chelsea the services of Andrej Kramaric, who turned turn a move to Stamford Bridge in favour of a switch to Leicester City earlier in the month. That's what everyone's been saying all along, of course, but here we have it from the horse's mouth:

Chelsea is the biggest team in the Premier League, but I chose Leicester because I feel something good here. I think I will play much more here and I hope we will stay in the Premier League. The Premier League is the biggest league in the world with the most world-class players and I wanted to feel it.

Source: BBC.

If there's a flaw to the plan of stockpiling everyone under the age of 22 who might someday consider playing football, it's that they might want to play football for the team that they've actually signed for in the near future. I'm sure that the Kramaric situation plays out reasonably often, and that we just don't hear (unlike Arsenal) about all the times we nearly signed a youngster.

It's hard to fault someone for turning down what was probably more money and definitely a more prestigious club so he can play more, so good luck to Kramaric up in Leicester. Unless it's against us.

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