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Chelsea agree fee for Serbian midfielder, according to reports

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EuroFootball/Getty Images

Chelsea might not be making any additions to the first team squad during the January transfer window, but if reports in Serbia are to be believed, they're on the verge of signing another young talent for their army of loanees. The Serbian media is reporting that the Blues have agreed to a transfer fee for midfielder Danilo Pantic, who would then be sent on loan to Vitesse Arnhem.

Pantic is considered to be a pretty good prospect by most who follow Serbian football, though as someone who hasn't seen a single Partizan game this season, I can't say that I'm all that familiar. Youtube has some old highlight videos though, so we can commence drooling immediately:

If correct, it will be fun to watch Pantic contribute at Vitesse this season, and see how he stacks up against Eredivisie competition. If nothing else, it's certainly nice to know we're not giving up on the talent hoarding philosophy which has been working so well of late.