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Mourinho: "I would like to finish the season with the same squad"

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

I'm not sure how Chelsea fans feel about the squad we have right now -- personally I think our depth could be better, and if there's the chance to upgrade at right wing I'd take it -- but manager Jose Mourinho seems to be pretty content with what he's got at the moment. Buried in a long and frankly boring conversation about his take on referees is a quick aside about the winter transfer market, and while he doesn't rule anything out it's hardly a sign of impending reinforcements:

I don’t like the transfer window in the winter, I think the work should be done in the summer and before the season starts. Maybe there should be a protection rule for a big injury for more than a certain time, a four- or five-month injury. But the market is there, the transfer window is open so let’s follow the rules. I would like to finish the season with the same squad.


That doesn't seem very promising, does it? Sure,this could be an elaborate ruse ahead of some big moves, but my inclination at this point is that Chelsea's winter window will be mostly loan moves, which isn't really very much fun. Oh well.

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