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Young striker joins Blackpool on loan

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Steve Bardens/Getty Images

After a failed trial at Cardiff, Islam Feruz has finally found a place to hang out for the rest of the season: Championship strugglers Blackpool. There had been rumours that he was set for a loan there for most of this week, and now it's official -- Chelsea have confirmed on their official site that he'll be with the Tangerines until their likely relegation in May.

They didn't say the likely relegation bit, though. Chelsea are nothing if not polite.

It's hardly a sexy loan. After their lone season in the Premier League, Blackpool's finances have collapsed and their owner seems hell-bent on leaving them a complete wreck, but that situation does have its upsides as far as we're concerned -- Blackpool being the weakest team in the Championship means that our loanees are more likely to get playing time there than anywhere else. It's a good chance for Feruz to re-establish himself as a real prospect, so let's hope he takes it.