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Ulises Davila loaned to Tenerife

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Mike Hewitt

Mexican midfielder Ulises Davila scored the goal that saw Cordoba promoted to the Spanish top tier last season; now the youngster will be attempting to repeat the feat with a new team. Tenerife, currently 18th in the Segunda Division two games into the season, have announced that the 23-year-old will spend the season on loan from Chelsea. The Blues have yet to confirm the deal, but it's significantly less important than either the Marco van Ginkel or the Nathaniel Chalobah loans, so it's understandable if there are bigger things on the club's mind.

At this point I don't think there's much chance of Davila having a significant career with Chelsea. At 23, he's close to peak age for a footballer, and there are no hints he has what it takes to compete at the very top end. But no matter what, he'll always be a hero in Cordoba. Which is something, I guess?

Also he gets to live in Tenerife. Jealous.