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Nathaniel Chalobah loaned to Burnley until January

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Ian Walton

Chelsea have confirmed that young midfielder/defender Nathaniel Chalobah will be spending the part of the 2014/15 season on loan. The youngster will be joining Burnley, where he'll get his first taste of action in the Premier League.

For Chalobah, it's a great opportunity to prove that he's ready to challenge for time at Chelsea. The player looked sensational during his season long spell at Watford in 2012/13, but his spell at Nottingham Forest last fall was nothing short of disaster. While he played well enough at Middlesbrough to warrant consideration for a top-flight loan, there were questions about whether a club such as Burnley could afford to pay his wages without assistance from the Blues.

Apparently, the two clubs managed to reach an accord, and Chalobah has a golden opportunity to test himself against some of the top players on the planet. Here's hoping things go well, and we're worrying about finding a place for him in the first team squad next summer.

Update: This post initially stated that the loan would be for the full season. The clubs have since clarified that the loan will expire in January, presumably to do with John Obi Mikel heading to the Africa Cup of Nations.