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Who got the better deal, Chelsea with Loic Remy or Manchester United with Falcao?

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Steve Bardens

On Sunday, Chelsea added depth to their striker department by signing Loic Remy from QPR. The transfer fee was entirely reasonable for a player of Remy's caliber, and the wages didn't seem insane either.

Monday brought us a deal from a rival, seeing Manchester United sign Monaco striker Falcao on loan for the season. The loan fee in that particular deal was absolutely enormous, and Falcao's wages (which will be paid in full by his temporary club) are astronomical.

This got Graham and I to talking, about which club made the better deal. With Remy, Chelsea have a cheap, effective option who is under team control for the next four years. With Falcao, United have a potentially elite player without the risk of a long term deal, but without the added benefit of being able to keep the player next season without entering into further negotiations with both Monaco and the player. There's also Arsenal, who seem content to do nothing despite their only real center forward being out for the next few months.

With that in mind, I'm curious who the WAGNH community would have preferred that the Blues sign to round out the squad. Take a moment to think about it, cast your vote, and discuss away.