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Official: Victor Moses joins Stoke City on loan

Quinn Rooney

Chelsea have officially sent another player on loan today, allowing winger/forward Victor Moses to join Stoke City on loan. The Nigerian forward will spend the entire 2014/15 season with Mark Hughes and his red and white clad side, leaving his future as a matter to be sorted again next summer.

It's hard to picture this as anything but an excellent move for all parties involved. For Moses, this almost certainly means he'll see considerably more playing time than he had last season at Liverpool. Stoke adds a more talented player on the wings than they had available last season, while Chelsea find Moses a home where he's going to actually wind up on the pitch.

Unless Moses suddenly shows considerable improvement, it's hard to picture this not being a move designed to find him a new long-term home next summer. Hopefully his play warrants either another look from Jose Mourinho, or a fairly substantial transfer fee when he finds a new home.

Now please, score lots of goals against our rivals so we get to hear Arsene Wenger complain.

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