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Mourinho wants to bring back a legend, according to reports

The manager wants Drogba's leadership in the squad.

Jamie McDonald

Jose Mourinho wasn't pleased with his strike force last season, and from the sounds of it, he may not be done with the addition of Diego Costa. Who does Mourinho have in mind? Here's Francois Piraux:

Didier Drogba isn't the player he used to be, but he's not Fernando Torres either. He still brings intangibles and a skillset that could be devastating later on in matches, even if he's more of a squad player now than he was during his legendary spell with the club.

If Drogba is willing to come back as more of a squad player, I'd be absolutely thrilled to have him aboard. After all, it will never get old watching him single-handedly annihilate Arsenal every time we face the Gunners.

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