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Chelsea chasing cheaper alternative to Paul Pogba, according to reports

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What's easier than linking Jose Mourinho to players he's worked with before?

Martin Rose

According to The Express, Chelsea are about to 'crush' Arsenal's offer for Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira. The North London side has supposedly offered the defending European champions some 20 million for the German international, but the paper claims that Jose Mourinho is ready to jump into the mix in order to find a partner for Nemanja Matic.

First, it should be noted that The Express are usually worth about as much as a steaming pile of manure, and most likely, that's the case again this time. The paper is correct at the end when they claim he'd likely be a cheaper alternative to Paul Pogba though, and as the rumor does make at least a bit of sense and people are still talking about it, it's probably worth at least mentioning here.

Personally, I'd have to believe that if Jose Mourinho is prioritizing the signing of Paul Pogba, it's going to be Pogba or bust. Pogba is the sort of young player you can build a team around, and I'd have to think the Blues will be in the mix if there's even the slightest hint that he's available. If he isn't though, Khedira would be a fine plan B.