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Arsenal won't bring Cesc Fabregas back, according to reports


David Ramos

Chelsea have reportedly been chasing Cesc Fabregas, but one potential hurdle to completing any deal would be the buyback/right of first refusal that was widely reported when Cesc first realized he had Barca DNA. According to David Ornstein, Cesc won't have the chance to make a return to his other boyhood club when Barcelona let him go:

So Fabregas is probably returning to England, and at the moment, Chelsea appear to be the likely destination. I'm still don't love the fit (and hate the reported wages being thrown around), but there's no denying he's an excellent player that would make Chelsea better, even if Jose Mourinho has to change things up a bit to get the best out of him. Combined with his homegrown status (thanks, Arsenal) and the fan backlash on the north side of London that this would cause, and I think I could warm up to this. I'd still rather have Paul Pogba, though.

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