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Forget Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea are now being linked to Koke

This is better than Fabregas

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

We've all been waiting to see Chelsea linked to central midfielder, and on Monday, we've now seen links to a pair of them. Earlier today, the Spanish press claimed that we were close to signing Cesc Fabregas. Now, Sky Sports is claiming that we're interested in Atletico Madrid's Koke.

Koke was apparently asked about joining Barcelona, and responded with the following:

"I still haven't had time to read what has come out. I am on holiday and I plan to disconnect."

"Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world and that they are interested in you means that you must be doing something right. That is very nice for a footballer."

"In any case, I only think about keeping working. I want to stay here and everyone knows it. I see myself at Atletico next season."

Had the question been about Chelsea, I think it's fairly safe to simply swap the names of the clubs in the response.

Koke is only 22, and unlike Cesc Fabregas, the mere sight of him doesn't make me want to vomit. If he had spent three years in England prior to realizing he had Atletico DNA, he'd be just as appealing a target as Paul Pogba. He'llstill make a fine addition though, and finally seeing us linked to the player is awfully nice.

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