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Chelsea legend signing with NYCFC, according to reports

All good things must come to an end, right?

Michael Regan

There have been rumors that Frank Lampard will finish his career in MLS for several years, but now that the Chelsea legend is out of contract, it looks as if that future might begin as soon as next season. According to The Mirror, Lampard has agreed to a deal which will see him join NYCFC for their inaugural season in MLS.

A move to NYCFC wouldn't be surprising at all, as the club will be looking to make a splash or two before they begin competitive play. Lampard (and fellow rumored signing David Villa) would fit the bill, as both of the other professional clubs in New York City already boast legendary players from some of the top leagues in Europe.

What's a bit unclear at this point is what Lampard would do during the fall if he did sign with the expansion side, as they don't begin play until 2015. A loan to a club in Europe would make an awful lot of sense, and frankly, a loan back to Chelsea wouldn't be an outrageous idea. That's all speculation at this point though, as it's just as likely that he simply relaxes in New York and promotes the new club as it is that he returns to London.

Regardless, if Lampard has decided to take a big payday in New York, I'm sure we'll all be wishing him the best of luck. Say hi to Mr. Met.

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