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David Luiz undergoing medical ahead of PSG transfer, according to reports

If reports are accurate, the Brazilian will be joining PSG shortly

Mike Hewitt

The David Luiz rumor sprung on us by The Daily Mail last night is just too ridiculous to be true, isn't it? After all, who would pay that sort of sum for a 27-year old who has had the sort of concentration and consistency issues that the Brazilian has? While many expected the defender turned midfielder to be sold by Chelsea this summer, I doubt very many believed he'd go for anything approaching a record fee.

This rumor appears to be picking up steam, however, with reports now emerging that the player is undergoing a medical in advance of a PSG move:

Lewis is a guy I'd generally trust with all things Chelsea, so while I still have my doubt about the fee in question, it's really beginning to look like a deal for the player is going to happen. So much for PSG complying with UEFA's FFP sanctions...

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