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With Diego Costa seemingly locked up, Chelsea linked to another striker (of sorts)

Roberto Firmino is the newest name linked to Chelsea

Simon Hofmann

With Chelsea's deal for Diego Costa looking more and more like an actual thing, it's probably time for the papers to move on to other potential targets for the Blues in order to keep fans looking for more goals reading. Over the course of the last two days, that's led to quite a few links to Hoffenheim's Roberto Firmino.

We've been trying to hold off on writing about this until somebody reliable actually reports interest, but decent papers are only mentioning it as a rumor that's out there in passing, while less reliable papers like The Mirror are not willing to write about this potential 15 million bid without pointing out that it isn't their own reporting. That's not usually a good sign that there's a whole lot of substance to the rumor in question.

Firmino had an excellent season in Germany, and is probably a prime candidate for a move to a slightly larger club. With Chelsea not being averse to moves for younger, lesser known talent (even if that talent isn't necessarily a clear fit), this rumor does seem to make a bit of sense. Until someone reliable reports on it though, I'm skeptical.

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