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Thibaut Courtois hints at a decision on his future in the next week

He spoke to Canal+ after a sensational showing against Barcelona, and hinted that a decision is close

Thibaut Courtois is not a hobbit
Thibaut Courtois is not a hobbit
David Ramos

Jose Mourinho's favorite media outlet, Canal+, asked Thibaut Courtois about his future after a very impressive showing against Barcelona. After all, why would you focus on a sensational showing from a young player when you can ask about a transfer non-story?

Frankly, where Courtois ends up next season isn't really up to him, as he's still got two seasons left on his Chelsea contract. He may have a preference as to where he ends up, but if Chelsea decide he's staying in London, he really doesn't have any choice but to stay at Chelsea. Chelsea will certainly take the player's preference into account when coming to their decision, but I highly doubt they'll be announcing their plans before either an extension or a transfer is finalized.

As has been the case for months, the media is trying to make a story from nothing by asking the player about his undecided future. They'll keep doing this until the season ends, because there just isn't any actual transfer news to discuss. Unfortunately, it really leaves the young shot stopper in a very tough spot, where he doesn't have an answer to give them despite the non-stop questions.

What Chelsea end up doing in goal will be one of the most interesting stories of the summer, but frankly, it's probably not one to get overly worked up about regardless of what they decide. Should they keep Petr Cech and decide to let Courtois leave, they'll make a boatload of money to spend on several big splashes, and they'll still have 5-6 years of Petr Cech breaking club and Premier League records. If they decide to sell Cech and keep Thibaut Courtois, they'll have a smaller boatload of money to spend and a younger world class keeper instead. They also have the option to keep them both and let Jose Mourinho play musical keepers, before cashing in on one or the other in some future transfer window.

My gut feeling tells me that the third option is most likely, with Courtois coming to London, fighting with Cech for a job, and one or the other leaving next January. Maybe Courtois will tell that to Canal+ after next weeks tie, as unless he's telling them that he's returning to London this summer, I just don't know what answer he'll be able to give.

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