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Roma considering January move for Petr Cech, according to reports

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Another day, another Petr Cech transfer rumor. Today's installment is from The Daily Mail, who don't make ridiculous claims such as an agreement being in place with a London rival, but simply note that Serie A side Roma have some interest, and could make a bid in January.

While I have absolutely no knowledge whether or not this is true, it makes an awful lot of sense. Petr Cech would instantly improve all but a handful of clubs out there, and Roma is certainly one of the many that would be instantly better with Cech in goal. Frankly, the only team in Serie A that might not have interest in Cech (from a playing perspective) is Juventus, and there's a good chance he'd be an upgrade there as well.

From a fan's point of view, Roma seems as good a destination as any. They're a fun club to watch, certainly not one likely to be rivaling Chelsea at any point in the near future, and most importantly, they aren't Arsenal or Liverpool. Rome also seems like a pretty neat place to live, and I'd imagine Cech would have a pretty awesome time there.

Whether or not this rumor has any truth to it or not, I sort of like the idea, and Cech is just too good a player to remain on Chelsea's bench beyond this season. If he's up for a move to Rome, I'd be all for it as well.

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