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Marco van Ginkel being loaned to Everton is highly unlikely

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Chelsea are reportedly unhappy with the playing time, or lack thereof, that Marco van Ginkel is getting at AC Milan. Combined with the comments from the Dutch international's agent that suggest the player isn't the happiest with the situation either, there has been quite a bit of speculation that the player could be recalled to Chelsea during the January window.

Should a recall happen, the most likely outcome would be van Ginkel joining another club for the remainder of the 2014/15 season, as the same roster regulations which forced the initial loan would still be in place. With that in mind, the English press is nearly certain to begin linking young Marco with moves elsewhere, at least until the situation is resolved.

Today, rumors have popped up that van Ginkel could be headed to Everton. On the surface, that makes some sense, as the two clubs have had a strong relationship of late. Unfortunately for the Merseyside club though, Premier League regulations make it likely that this is nothing more than wishful thinking. As it stands, Everton already have one Chelsea youngster on loan (Christian Atsu), and wouldn't be able to take van Ginkel unless Atsu is either recalled or his current loan deal expires.

While recalling Atsu and replacing him with van Ginkel is certainly possible, it seems unlikely that Chelsea would be willing to do so without being given a financial incentive to do so. More likely, the Dutchman either remains where he's at for the rest of the campaign, or ends up being recalled and shipped off to a destination that doesn't have the sort of restrictions to deal with that Everton does. I suppose it's also possible that he's recalled in conjunction with one of Chelsea's players being sold, though I'd still think that's more likely in the summer than in January.

Regardless, the chances of van Ginkel ending up at Everton in January seem remote, at best.

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