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Rumored Chelsea target out for the rest of the year with ligament tear

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Lars Baron/Getty Images

Rumored Chelsea transfer target Marco Reus will be out of action until 2015. The Borussia Dortmund forward suffered an ankle ligament tear this weekend that will have him on the shelf until the club begins training again following the Bundesliga's winter break.

Reus has had ankle issues for much of this season (mostly involving his other ankle), which have seen Dortmund flirting with the relegation zone. The German club have already advanced to the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League, but the absence of their best player could really hurt their attempts to move up the table and return to the competition next season.

This injury really shouldn't hurt Chelsea's chances of landing the player, as if they were going to have any interest, it was likely going to be a summer transfer anyway. If anything, this should lessen the chance that Dortmund can move him for a significant fee in January, ensuring that the player's buyout comes into play in the summer window.

Get well soon, Marco, and spend your time resting up watching lots and lots of Chelsea matches.