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CEO suggests that Marco Reus could stay with Borussia Dortmund

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One of the more interesting stories to watch as the January transfer window approaches will be Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus. With a ludicrously inexpensive release clause kicking in this summer, it's very possible that the German club will look to cash in on their most valuable asset immediately, rather than watch him leave for well less than his value in six months' time.

Common sense isn't stopping the club's CEO from talking up the possibility that Reus might remain in Dortmund though:

"It's a fact that [Reus] identifies with the city, and even more so with BVB. There is a lot we can put in balance. Marco is a great guy and he knows what he has here."

"I don't have the impression that he has drifted away from BVB for just a centimetre. Of course, we have set a date on which we want clarity, but this won't be in the upcoming weeks."

"We have other things to worry about right now. We need to get out of the relegation zone together, and then we'll see what happens this season. We also talk about a position, taken by admittedly a very important player. But BVB does not depend on [him]."

I don't think anyone would have expected to see Reus pushing for a move at this point, as he'll likely be able to maximize his leverage (and therefore his paycheck) by waiting until July to move on. There will be more than a few clubs willing to pay the buyout to acquire Marco Reus, and no shortage of them will be able to dwarf what Dortmund can pay the player while putting a significantly better team around him.

Stuff like this is nice for Dortmund fans to hear, but honestly, it's just silly to think that any sort of love for Borussia Dortmund will keep Reus at the club when the big boys come knocking. Hopefully they've got a plan to replace him in place already, because if they don't move him in January, they're likely to watch him choose his next destination this summer.

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