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Mourinho confirms Cech isn't pushing for an Arsenal move

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

There's been loads of speculation about Petr Cech agreeing to a deal with Arsenal in the news lately, but in Friday's pre-West Brom press conference, Jose Mourinho did a nice job of putting those to bed:

"Not once has Petr knocked on the door to inform me of his desire to accept some proposal. Petr Cech is our goalkeeper and he has a contract for two more years. He is a fantastic professional."

Look, we all know Cech isn't going to be here for the remaining term on his contract, and the player will likely wind up moving on in either January or June. Given that he's now played in the 2014/15 Champions League, June would seem the more likely option, especially given that an obvious fit like PSG has spending limitations at the moment.

That said, it's good to hear Mourinho rubbishing the idea that a deal to send Cech anywhere has already been agreed, and that the player remains focused on this season with Chelsea. Just don't ever send him to Arsenal, ok?

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