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Talisca speculation grows, as Drogba hints that his Chelsea stay will be for one year

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Didier Drogba has been better than most expected thus far in his second stint with Chelsea, but it doesn't sound as if he expects this go-around to last nearly as long as the first. Drogba had some comments for The London Evening Standard which indicate that he's taking things one season at a time at this point:

"This year the key for me is to enjoy my football and to be with my team-mates and to win trophies. There is one more year to go so let's do it, let's win more trophies, let's make history again."

When Drogba re-signed with the club this past summer, I don't think too many fans really expected the reunion(on the pitch) to last more than a year. After all, while Drogba is still a fairly useful player to have on the bench, bringing in some younger, high upside talent to replace Romelu Lukaku always seemed like a wise course of action.

The Evening Standard article goes on to mention Anderson Talisca of Benfica, mentioning that the club are already making plans to add him this summer, in much the same manner that they built their summer strategy around Diego Costa for most of last season. Whether or not Chelsea end up with Talisca or not, I'd fully expect us to be in the market for another striker this summer, and for Drogba's roster spot to be filled by somebody else next season.

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