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How do you feel about Chelsea potentially signing Kurt Zouma?

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Reports in France indicate a deal might already be done, so how do you feel about it?

Valery Hache / Getty Images

Reports out of France today suggest that Chelsea may be on the verge of signing Kurt Zouma. Most reports suggest that the fee will be somewhere between €13-15 million, with some escalators which could see the value of the deal rise based on his performance. The deal would also likely see Zouma remaining in France until June.

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While Zouma is undoubtedly a real talent, he'd be the third near-ready center back prospect that Chelsea have awaiting their chance. With John Terry looking increasingly likely to be back next year and both Gary Cahill and David Luiz in the squad, opportunities for any of that trio will likely be few and far between.

With the first round of FFP sanctions looming, some fans will clearly be a bit nervous to see this sort of money being spent on prospects. Others will love the potential of Zouma, and be thrilled by the reported move. We've attached a poll to gauge where the WAGNH community stands, please vote and discuss in the comments below.