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Guardiola confirms that Toni Kroos could leave Bayern Munich

Bayern seem to be playing hardball with Kroos in talks over a new contract, and the manager has admitted he could be playing elsewhere in the future

Thorsten Wagner

Monday brought us news that Chelsea might be interested in Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos, something that surprised the majority here. On Tuesday, Pep Guardiola was asked about the German star, and certainly didn't pour cold water on the idea that he could depart:

Kroos would seemingly be a luxury buy for Chelsea, as we've got plenty of solid options that play the same sort of role which he does. That said, he'd clearly upgrade the starting lineup regardless of the formation we used, and would certainly be worth considering if the financials make sense.

Either way, it seems fairly clear that Kroos won't be going anywhere until this summer, as he's one of Bayern's key players this season. He'll probably be one to keep an eye on going forward, but for now, he's not a name to get overly worked up about.

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