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Chelsea reportedly 'reached a verbal agreement' for Diego Costa, but should we take it seriously?

Costa is a sensible target for Chelsea, so we're likely to continue seeing these links until the player's situation changes

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The Metro are linking Chelsea to Diego Costa this morning, claiming that the Blues have 'reached a verbal agreement' for the striker. The report itself seems to be mostly garbage, based on some comments from an agent who doesn't have any connection to the player. Frankly, I'd find it difficult to put any stock whatsoever in today's claims, as we already know that The Metro's source is terrible.

That said, Costa is probably a target worth paying attention to as the summer approaches. The striker is the sort of player that Jose Mourinho was reportedly looking for last summer when he targeted Wayne Rooney and eventually settled for Samuel Eto'o, and his blistering form to start this season will certainly have raised his stock. He's young enough to still have many good years in front of him, he's got a reasonable buyout in his current contract, and he's at a club that would struggle to match the sort of wages he could make at Chelsea.

Chelsea's situation hasn't gotten any less murky either, as the only striker we have that's been remotely impressive this season is currently on loan at Everton. Samuel Eto'o is out of contract at season's end, Fernando Torres is still mostly terrible, and Demba Ba hasn't done enough to earn minutes ahead of either of that pair. Romelu Lukaku will be returning to Stamford Bridge, but we're probably still going to have to add another decent option in order to make this an elite European squad.

The media will likely keep producing these Chelsea links to Diego Costa, largely because he makes sense for the club. As long as the player has a reasonable buyout and Chelsea have a gaping hole in the center of their attack, the media are going to be looking for even the most tenuous Chelsea links. Hooray.

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