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Mourinho will push for new John Terry contract, but believes in the club's one-year deal policy

The boss discussed the captain and the club's policy toward one-year deals for older players

Julian Finney

The Guardian are reporting that Jose Mourinho will push for a new contract for John Terry, but has also shown support for the club's policy of not giving over-30 players more than a single year. Here's what he had to say when asked about the captain and whether or not he agreed with the club's policy:

"I agree if you live in a climate of trust. If you don't live in that climate, it's a situation that can leave the player and the club in a doubtful situation: is it my last year, is it not my last year? Is the player running away to join another club? When the climate is comfortable, I think it's fine. But I trust John and I think he trusts me."

"There's no time to think about such things up to 31 January. Until the deadline we have to deal with things we are not expecting – like Juan and Salah – or making good decisions for loans. So, until the deadline, we have lots to think about and do. After that, in a calm way, we are going to analyse. The players know what we feel. There's no problem."

Terry has been good this year, and would certainly be a solid signing on a shiny new one-year deal (assuming it's nowhere near the stupid money being offered to Wayne rooney). Whether or not he's amicable to that is another matter entirely, but if he is, there's little reason to think that Terry won't return.

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