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Is Mohamed Salah getting Juan Mata's number 10?

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If you've checked his facebook page, you'd think so

Alex Grimm

Mohamed Salah is likely going to be compared to Juan Mata for the duration of his Chelsea career, largely due to the timing of the transfer. If you've checked the player's facebook page, there might be a hint of another way in which the pair will forever be linked.


Salah is not yet officially a Chelsea player, but it's clear now that he has every intention of being one. He's proudly displaying the Chelsea logo on his ne Blue uniform, which happens to feature the number 10.

Whether or not the player eventually takes Juan Mata's number remains to be seen, but the number is about to become available. There's little reason to believe he won't be given the number if he wants it, especially given that no current Chelsea players will see their number switched mid-season. We'll have to wait for the official announcement from the club to be certain, but it looks as if we already know what number the Egyptian would prefer.