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Chelsea fan shows Liverpool and Arsenal fans how to deal with old shirts

We're all disappointed that Juan Mata is leaving the club, but one Chelsea fan dealt with his Mata shirt in a creative way that deserves recognition

Paul Gilham

Three years ago, Liverpool famously sold Fernando Torres to Chelsea during the January transfer window. Liverpool fans weren't happy that the player had expressed a desire to leave their favorite club, and responded with the following*:

*Be warned, this video features ineptitude of epic proportions as well as some NSFW language

Eighteen months ago, Arsenal allowed Robin van Persie to join a domestic rival as well. Like Torres, Van Persie expressed a desire to leave his current club in order to join Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Here's the sort of reaction we saw from many Arsenal fans:

While clearly less pyrotechnically challenged than their Liverpool counterparts, this Arsenal fan still threw a good chunk of change away by burning one of their team's kits.

Chelsea fans are now dealing with a similar feeling, as Juan Mata will be heading north to join Manchester United relatively soon. One fan dealt with the situation a bit differently though, and we felt we just had to share:

In the FFP era, I'm sure clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool are loving burning shirt response. After all, they've now got one less kit in their closet, and will likely have to go out and buy a new one. Cha-ching!

This fan, however, deserves some props for this fantastic piece of work. Hopefully he wears his homemade Nemanja Matic kit on matchday, and if you see him walking around in it, make sure to buy him a drink. Well played, Rhys Davies. Well played indeed.

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