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Chelsea and John Terry aren't close on contract terms, according to report

The Mirror is reporting that Chelsea and its captain are pretty far apart in their negotiations over a new deal

Warren Little

Chelsea have introduced a policy recently in which player over the age of 30 are not given multi-year deals. Chelsea also happen to have three players over the age of 30 currently in the last year of their contract. All of Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and John Terry will be out of contract this summer, though only Terry hasn't already accepted a one-year deal from the club since reaching the age of 30.

The Mirror are reporting that there may be some trouble ahead with the captain, as he's seeking a three-year deal. While I'm not convinced there's enough to this story to be concerned at this point, it also makes enough sense that it's certainly worth noting. Terry has been excellent since Jose Mourinho returned, and it's not at all hard to believe that he could find a lucrative multi-year deal somewhere.

At the moment, this is likely nothing to get worked up over. While Terry's camp has reportedly asked for three years from the club, it's likely this is just a starting point in the negotiations. It's also likely that getting this story into the London papers will get quite a reaction from the crowd, much like we saw last season when Frank Lampards contract was winding down.

Regardless, this is far from Chelsea's most pressing issue at the moment, and I wouldn't expect to see any serious negotiations begin until after the transfer window has closed. If the club and player want a deal to happen, there's not much reason to believe they won't be able to get it done.

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