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Michael Essien's agent in talks with AC Milan, according to reports

The talk of an Essien loan has not ended with the departure of Ryan Bertrand and the pending transfer of Juan Mata

Paul Gilham

The Daily Mail is reporting that the agent of Michael Essien is now in Italy, discussing a potential loan deal with AC Milan. The Metro is also running with the story, going as far as to claim that Chelsea would be willing to pay a portion of his wages in order to make sure the deal goes through.

AC Milan makes sense as a destination, as their midfield is just terrible and they are still alive in the Champions League. They're also generally looked at as a top quality club, even if they aren't far from being in a relegation fight this season.

The fact that Essien is still being linked with the exits despite our depth at fullback taking a hit and our likelihood of using a 4-3-3 increasing is certainly telling about how he has performed. There is still a chance that he stays, but if he ends up in Milan, at least he'll get plenty of time on the pitch.

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