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Chelsea and Manchester United in talks over Juan Mata, according to reports

Multiple outlets are now reporting that the Blues are discussing the banishment of Juan Mata to a mid-table side

Paul Gilham

This Juan Mata thing isn't going to end anytime soon, as it's just too easy a topic for the media to write about. First, we have ESPN reporting that both Manchester United and Chelsea sources have confirmed that the clubs are talking, and now we have Guillem Balague stating the following:

"Manchester United and Chelsea are negotiating the future of Juan Mata - and the idea is that Mata, who Chelsea are happy to let go, goes to Old Trafford in this transfer window."

"Chelsea are asking for £32 million or with Wayne Rooney as part of the deal. Manchester United have said no to the money and no to Rooney - but I am under the impression that a deal will be reached because it benefits everybody."

"Manchester United need quality, Mata needs to get out of the situation he is in, and it would reinforce United for their meetings with (Chelsea's title rivals) Manchester City and Arsenal, which is clever from Jose Mourinho."

Take this with however much salt you feel appropriate, as Balague once famously reported that Mata had agreed to a deal with Arsenal.

As mentioned several times already, selling Juan Mata in January makes very little sense to Chelsea after cashing in on De Bruyne. The only way it would even seem remotely feasible would be if we decided to spend big on a striker. That seems unlikely at the moment, making the idea that we'd be willing to sell in January seem a bit ridiculous. Still, there's starting to be enough semi-believable chatter here to think that talks might actually be happening, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

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