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Sky Sports now confirming that Chelsea have bid for Nemanja Matic

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While other outlets are reporting that a deal is already done, the more reliable folks at SSN are confirming we've made a bid

Lars Baron

It's become Nemanja Matic day here at WAGNH, and we're now seeing reports out of England that Chelsea have made an official bid.

There have been varying other reports thus far, from Portuguese and Serbian outlets reporting that a deal is already agreed, to various outlets hinting that Matic has made it clear that he'd like to return to London. This is probably the most trustworthy piece of information we've seen yet though, and fits in with what many in the media have assumed for ages.

I'd imagine £20 million will likely fall short of getting a deal for the midfielder done, as the player has been in excellent form over the past year and a half. That said, Benfica are generally an easier club to deal with than many of their Portuguese rivals, and I'd be surprised if a deal wasn't eventually reached.