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Jorge Jesus plays dumb when asked about a Nemanja Matic transfer to Chelsea

The Benfica manager was asked after the game about the rumored move, and wasn't particularly revealing with his answer

David Ramos

With the rumors last night about a potential Nemanja Matic transfer to Chelsea being agreed, all eyes were bound to be focused on Benfica's matchup with Porto today. After all, many fans probably can't remember seeing him play during his brief time at Chelsea, and I doubt too many bothered to tune in to watch his performances on loan at Vitesse.

Matic impressed during the contest, and did so in front of a handful of Chelsea scouts and the man who he was sent to Benfica for in the first place:

After the game, Benfica coach Jorge Jesus was asked about whether or not a fee for Matic had already been agreed, and answered with the following:

Jesus may not have any say in whether or not players are sold during the window, but you can rest assured he knows exactly what is going on regardless. He's clearly evading the question, which should be an indicator that the club is listening to offers or has already agreed to a transfer. A deal with Chelsea (or any other club) may not be complete at this point, but there should be very little doubt anymore that he'll be leaving Benfica at some point relatively soon. Here's hoping he's returning to Stamford Bridge.

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