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Mourinho doesn't rule out a Juan Mata sale

The boss would be against selling the player, but didn't slam the door on the possibility of a move should Mata want out

Scott Heavey

Juan Mata didn't look too happy after being taken off the pitch this afternoon, and rumor-hungry pundits immediately began talking about Juan Mata and his future. Jose Mourinho was asked about the situation after the game, and responded with the following:

"I don’t want him to go, that is my opinion and that is my wish – but my door is open. The club door is open too, so when a player wants to speak with us we are there waiting for them. But if you ask me do I want to sell him, I don’t want to."

That's not the most convincing answer for those that wouldn't dream of parting with Mata, especially considering the evident disappointment at being substituted earlier today.

Luckily for Chelsea fans, the odds of Juan Mata actually being sold in January are relatively slim. He still sees regular minutes at a Champions League and Premier League contender, and I'd have to assume nothing short of a huge offer for the player would see the club agree to a mid-season move. While this could obviously be a story to worry about in the summer, there's still a lot of football to be played before we start worrying about offseason moves.

All that being said, we still have no reason to believe that mata actually wants to go. He's always seemed relatively happy at Chelsea, and very few players would be happy about the way things were going when he was taken off the pitch today. It's just as likely that Mata is perfectly happy as it is that he's fed up with Chelsea, and until he starts talking about it publicly, we have nothing but speculation to work with.

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