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Report: Lukaku not actually heading to West Brom as reported by Sky

Here's hoping this report is correct, and that SSN isn't

Stanley Chou

Sky Sports is reporting that Romelu Lukaku is on his way to West Brom in order to finalize a loan move. Meanwhile, Kristof Terreur has some contradictory information that makes me rethink things a bit:

West Brom could certainly complete a deal for a player using one of those newfangled fax machines, but the SSN report didn't say anything about that. The entire premise behind the Sky report is that Lukaku is actually on his way to West Brom, and that doesn't appear to be true anymore.

At this point, I have no [fun]ing clue what's going on with this, but I'm 100% certain that I'm going to break something if we loan Lukaku. We have a surplus at center forward at the moment, but loaning one of our better options there strikes my as idiotic at best. Cross your fingers that Kristof is correct, and that there is nothing to this rumor because of that. Get rid of Torres or Ba Chelsea, I really don't care. Keep Lukaku though, Chelsea fans everywhere are begging you.

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