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Tottenham plan sensational Fernando Torres raid as payback for Willian trolling!

Seriously...Sky Italy is reporting this as an actual thing

Tottenham? We're So Happy!
Tottenham? We're So Happy!
Alexander Hassenstein

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not a transfer rumor is a load of garbage, and sometimes it really isn't. The latest shocking revelation from Tancredi Palmeri falls into the latter category:

If there was any truth to this rumor, we'd have heard confirmation of Chelsea accepting within about one second of Palmeri hitting 'tweet'. There is no way on Earth this offer could be on the table without Chelsea shipping out the 30 million left on his deal, and happily paying the 10.4 million still owed to Adebayor in return.

Sky Italy is such a terrible source of information that I'd instantly dismiss basically whatever they decided to write, but this particular rumor was just to damn funny to pass up. I just can't wait until other clubs get involved in this Tancredible bidding war. FERNANDO TORRES FOR SALE! GET YOUR FERNANDO TORRES HERE! BUTTSCRATCHER? BUTTSCRATCHER!*

*Silly season is clearly getting to me...

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