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Report: Palace aren't pursuing Chalobah loan

This would be an odd development, and it would leave me with no clue where the player might spend the 2013/14 season

Ian Walton

All day we've been hearing Crystal Palace linked to Chelsea youngster Nathaniel Chalobah, and that Chelsea were looking to secure the youngster a Premier League loan. Now there are reports circulating that Palcae aren't interested in the player, originating from the Croydon Advertiser:

I'd imagine this isn't simply made up, as this seems to be a fairly reputable source for all things Crystal Palace. I'd also take this with a grain of salt, as Crystal Palace would be insane to turn down a Chalobah loan if they can afford it and it's being offered. They'd almost certainly have interest in the player, as they don't have 11 players that are currently better than Nathaniel Chalobah.

All I can really think here is that either Chelsea are asking a fee outside of Palace's price range, or that Chelsea or the player have another destination in mind. It wouldn't shock me at all to see Chalobah still end up at Palace, despite this report. We should know in the next several hours though, as we now have under three hours to go.

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