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Everton looking for Romelu Lukaku loan, according to reports

The other club in Liverpool want Chelsea to help them out this season as well

Shaun Botterill

After Chelsea signed Samuel Eto'o from the Anzhi firesale, it became pretty clear that they'd be willing to let one of their surplus center forwards go. Most fans didn't care if that center forward was Fernando Torres or Demba Ba, just as long as it wasn't the exciting Romelu Lukaku.

With just over three hours to go in the transfer window, there are reports that someone has started finally sniffing around the only striker that really should be off limits, with Everton interested in taking Lukaku on loan.

Of course there is no harm in asking, especially if you're a club with basically no money that's quickly being left in the dust by your cross-town rivals. I just hope they don't get particularly cranky when Chelsea start laughing before hanging up the phone.

I'm sure Everton aren't alone in having interest in Lukaku, just as I'm sure they'd love to have Oscar, Ryan Bertrand, or Marco van Ginkel. Chelsea have no more reason to loan them Lukaku than they do the other trio, so frankly, I wouldn't get too worked up about this nonsense. Silly season is going to be over in about three hours, and Romelu Lukaku is still going to be at Stamford Bridge. Sorry Everton, but thanks for the interest.

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