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Chelsea seeking Premier League loans for Chalobah, McEachran

Chelsea would love to send both young midfielders to Premier League squads this season, but will send them to the Championship if none can be found

Laurence Griffiths

According to Ben Smith of the BBC, Chelsea would like to finalize loan deals for a pair of players today, sending both Josh McEachran and Nathaniel Chalobah to Premier League clubs.

Chalobah seems nearly certain to end up with a Premier League side today, while McEachran is probably a bit less certain to do so. After a pretty good season in the Championship last year, I'd love to see Josh get another crack at top flight football. That said, if Chelsea or the player aren't comfortable that he'll see plenty of time, I'd just as soon see him sent back to the second tier.

Should Chalobah surprisingly not end up in the top division, I'd assume a return to Watford would be the obvious move. He was fantastic there last season, and the same coaching staff is still in place. Getting him top flight football would be fantastic, but a return to Watford and another promotion push doesn't sound terrible either.

I'd probably look for somewhere other than Middlesbrough to send McEachran if he doesn't find a Premier League side today, as his spell there was pretty up and down. I don't think the style they played last season suits the midfielder particularly well, and I'm sure we could find better options in terms of style so that McEachran gets the most out of his time on the pitch.

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