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Chelsea linked to late move for Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira

Apparently the world record signing of Gareth Bale has made the entire Ream Madrid squad expendable, even if they play a different position

Dennis Grombkowski

Real Madrid spent a lot of money on Gareth Bale, and now the media seem to believe that they'll be selling their entire roster to make room for the Welshman. Kaka has already gone back to AC Milan, and all of Karim Benzema, Mezut Ozil, and Angel Di Maria have been the subject of considerable speculation.

The new rumor being pushed by The Daily Mail ths morning is that Chelsea might be making a late push for midfielder Sami Khedira. Then again, they might not be...the Mail isn't very clear on that. They don't seem to be hinting anything factual here, but simply rehashing a bunch of speculation based on the fact that Mourinho signed the player several years ago.

Signing Khedira would be fantastic, as he's a quality player that would fit well with the Blues current needs. That said, this rumor seems like something best ignored at the moment, as their aren't even hints at an actual bid for the player. Real Madrid didn't do anything overnight to make the player expendable, if he wasn't on the market before, there's little reason to believe he would be now. Silly season is almost over...

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